Virtual Choir

Submissions are closed for the Spizzwinks(?) Virtual Choir project! Check out our preview below, and look out for the finished product in April 2019.



They say a video is worth 1,000 words. Here’s a 30 second preview of our project, featuring 15 of the first submissions we received – there are others that we were unfortunately not able to include in the preview, but will be part of the final project.



The more participation we get in this effort, the more powerful the final product will be. As noted above, we are now accepting recording submissions! Check out the instructions page, and with any other questions, please contact Dan Turcza ’11+1 at


More background: for the 105th reunion, the outreach committee is organizing a video project centered around a “virtual choir”: Spizzwinks(?) of all ages, as well as groups that we’ve sung with in the past through our outreach efforts, will record videos of themselves singing our beloved arrangement of “Somewhere” from West Side Story (arr. Rob Bell ’72). The videos will be recorded in different places and at different times, but at the end of this process, we’ll splice dozens of submissions into an extraordinary audio and visual collage of singers from all around the world – all those who have been moved by the Spizzwinks’ music.


For another example, and a better hint of what the final video might look like, check out this example from the choral composer Eric Whitacre.




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