Virtual Choir Submission Page - Submissions now CLOSED.

The Spizzwinks(?) Virtual Choir project is no longer accepting submissions. This page is being kept around for archival purposes. 
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Ready to record? Read on.

How it Works

In short, you’ll record your video while simultaneously watching and listening to a conductor video through your headphones. The conductor video ensures you’ll be lined up with everyone else, and the headphones ensure that we just get your voice in your track and nothing else.

What You’ll Need

  • If at all possible, you’ll use a laptop or desktop computer with both a camera and a microphone. If necessary, you could record with a phone, but you’ll want to be looking at the conductor video as well. So having two phones is ideal so that you can watch the video on one and record on the other.
  • A pair of headphones. Earbuds are preferable because they are less noticeable.
  • Some kind of video recorder on your computer. If at all possible, please use software on your computer like QuickTime, Photo Booth, or Camera. As a fallback, you can try to use, a free service for creating video recordings, though the quality may be reduced.
  • A quiet room free of external noise. Turn off anything that hums or buzzes, like fans, air conditioners, or heaters.
  • Dress for success: wear something that you want to be recorded! Ideally solid colors without images/logos.

Guidance for Non-male Singers

This virtual choir is 100% inclusive – anyone who feels they’ve been impacted by the Spizzwinks(?)’ music is welcome to participate, regardless of gender. Please choose the voice part that is most comfortable for your voice, omitting any notes above/below your range as needed.

Video Walk-Through

As an alternative to the written instructions below, we have a screen recording walkthrough of what you’ll need to do!


  1. Start without your headphones plugged in.
  2. Open your video recorder of choice, but don’t start recording yet.
  3. Open the conductor video below. It will explain the rest of the steps for you.
  4. Sing the song! Use the music in the conductor video when possible. This ensures you are looking forward, not down.
  5. When the music finishes, remain in concert pose throughout the countdown at the end. Do not press stop until instructed by the conductor video.
  6. You can now playback what you’ve heard. If you want to rerecord, feel free. When you’re happy with what you have, save the video so that you have a copy on your computer.
  7. When you have a copy of the video on your computer, upload it through our upload form (either here or underneath the conductor video).
  8. That’s it! If you want to record multiple voice parts, we won’t stop you (please don’t record multiple takes of the same part).


If you run into any issues with the above, or have any other questions, please feel free to contact for assistance.

Conductor Video

Submission Link

Click here to submit your video.