Four times each year, the Spizzwinks(?) pack their bags and head off to explore the world. Combining sightseeing, performing, and community-based experiences, 'Wink tours are an opportunity unlike any other to hone our craft, see the world and (occasionally) kick back with best friends.

When traveling internationally, the Spizzwinks(?) act as cultural ambassadors for the United States, often performing on television and radio, and at large public events. We also promote cultural exchange, singing joint concerts with choirs from universities and other organizations.



Travel with the 'Winks is dictated by a central tenet of our group, the Spizzwink(?) Promise.

The Promise: Every Spizzwink will travel to all six inhabited continents and his hometown during his three years in the group, with travel and lodging funded entirely by our annual performance schedule.

Curious where we’re going this year?

Fall Tour 2022: The Haymaker

Hamden, CT – Eduardo’s Hometown

Bedford Hills, NY

New York, NY – Emmett’s Hometown

Winter Tour 2022: Partisan Canyon

Phoenix, AZ – Liam’s Hometown

Washington D.C. – Thomas’s Hometown


Spring Tour 2023: Reaching Altitude

Miami, FL

Orlando, FL

Lima, Peru

Santiago, Chile

Summer Tour 2023: Journey Down Under

Rochester, MN – Adam’s Hometown

Los Angeles, CA – Sebastian’s Hometown

San Fransisco, CA

Auckland, New Zealand

Queenstown, New Zealand

Sydney, Australia