Our Repertoire

The Spizzwinks(?) sing over one hundred concerts every year, entertaining audiences across the country and around the world with the vast diversity of our repertoire of literally hundreds of ‘Wink arrangements.

We sing jazz standards, contemporary pop, classic hits, and everything in between! We love our repertoire because it’s so varied—from Sinatra to the Beatles to Bruno Mars.

Of course, no Spizzwinks(?) performance would be complete without a generous dose of our unique brand of humor. Since our founding, our original skits, cleverly integrated choreography, and unmitigated bashing of Yale’s athletic rivals have left audiences rolling with laughter at every performance!

Our Arrangements

All of the songs we sing are arranged by past or present Spizzwinks(?), creating the diverse repertoire we have today! Last year alone, we created 20 new arrangements, featured in our all-new album and Jam—our biggest on-campus concert of the year. Our arrangements aim to add to the original songs by reharmonizing or adding new textures to give familiar tunes a new twist! 

Our Albums

The Spizzwinks(?) release a new album every other year. This way, every ‘Wink will be a part of at least two professionally recorded albums by the time that he leaves the group! Our music is available on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music or anywhere else music is streamed! You can also watch live performances and original music videos on our YouTube channel!

In addition to our upcoming album, Mind the Gap (2021), recent albums include Chasing Lights (2019), Hometown (2017), The Brothership (2015), and Never Don’t Go (2013)!

The ‘Winks performing live in Hawaii!

Check out some of our recent albums!

A BONUS Album!?

As part of our 2020-21 Community Partnership program, the ‘Winks worked with local New Haven artist chad browne-springer and music students at the Co-Op Arts and Humanities High School (located just a few blocks away from Old Campus!).

We’re stoked to produce this album with them under the name “Dreamvoid!” Check it out!

Interested in learning more about our Community Partnership?