The Yale Spizzwinks(?) are committed to sharing our love of music with communities around the world, using the power of music to enrich lives and bring people together, and inspiring young people to make music part of their lives by providing free access to performances and workshops.


Each year, the ‘Winks engage in numerous community partnership programs both domestically and internationally. Domestic partnership efforts include our New Haven Charity Concert Series (NHCCS), in which we provide completely pro bono concerts and masterclasses to public schools, student organizations, and non-profit youth-focused organizations in the New Haven area. The NHCCS includes five concerts and masterclasses with separate schools in the area, and five repeat contacts with one choir or student group in the area over the course of the school year, culminating in a joint concert on Yale’s campus. The Spizzwinks(?) focus on building community, learning collaboratively, and building meaningful relationships with local high school students.


Our international partnership efforts expand this sense of community building to a global stage. Each summer tour features a distinct initiative carefully planned by the group to contribute to the larger state of affairs in the world. This opportunity takes a different form each year, but centers on our desire to share music, culture, and ideas with people of completely different backgrounds. 

Most recently, the Spizzwinks visited the Gitameit Music Institute in Yangon, Myanmar, an incredible organization with which the Spizzwinks have had a longstanding friendship. Over our five days together, we learned about Burmese culture and history, made lasting friendships, and sang a wonderful and diverse array of music. Our time with the Gitameit Institute culminated in an unforgettable joint performance broadcast around Yangon. 

In other years, the ‘Winks have visited and sung with organizations and schools in Germany, Brazil, South Africa, Morocco, South Korea, and Colombia, and we continue to look for new opportunities for outreach.