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Welcome to Rush 2016!

Congratulations and welcome to Yale, class of ’20! Ask any average Joe about Yale a cappella Rush, and he’d tell you it’s a month of performances, meals and auditions, beginning with a Sunday night concert in Woolsey Hall and culminating in the campus-wide insanity that is Tap Night. Joe was never very good with descriptions; we’ll take it from here.

More than anything, Rush is a fantastic way to get to know some awesome Yalies right from the outset of your college experience. How, you ask?

You’ll wade through seas of aggressively colorful a cappella shirts every day of your first month of college.

You’ll sing ‘Aura Lee’ more times in one weekend than you ever sang ‘Since U Been Gone’ in all of 3rd grade.

You’ll attend Singing Desserts until you get early-onset diabetes.

You’ll eat Rush Meals in every conceivable dining location on campus.

At the end of it all, you’ll not only have a slew of new Yale 2020 Facebook friends, you’ll have had the chance to really get to know the members of each a cappella group at Yale and to decide which one is right for you.

New friends. Lots of music. Free food. What’s not to love(?)

Woolsey Jam

Sun. Aug 28 – 10:30pm, Woolsey Hall

A huge concert in Woolsey Hall with every a cappella group highlighting their performance and music.

Dwight Jam

Wed. Aug 31 – 10:30pm, Dwight Hall

The official start of rush 2016 and how you sign up for auditions! This is your second chance to hear all the a cappella groups on campus – this time in a closer environment. After the performances, each a cappella group will have a table where you can sign up for your audition.


Fri.-Sun. Sep 2-4 – Timothy Dwight College

Your chance to shine – you’ll warm up and sing a part of the classic “Aura Lee” with 3 other Spizzwinks(?). Then you’ll sing a solo of your choice a cappella. No stress!

Rush Meals

Mon-Fri Sep 5-9 – Mealtimes, Any dining hall

Sit down and grab a meal with a few Spizzwinks. This is our chance to get to know each other. Sit back, enjoy your food, and talk about anything. Meet us at the steps outside of L-dub!

Singing Dessert

Thurs. Sep 8 – 7:00pm

This is the only time that we’ll perform a full-length concert during rush. You’ll get to see for yourself our music and repertoire. Afterwards, come to our afterparty at Yorkside Pizza for a chance to meet and get to know the whole group!


Fri-Sun Sep 9-12

Each group can start delivering callback invitations on Sunday night right after auditions. Callbacks are a lot like auditions; this time, though, you’ll also sing one of our songs while the group sings backup. This is your opportunity to rock. So kill it!

Tap Night


At the drop of a broom, all thirteen a cappella groups race to tap their new members in what many call the most memorable night of freshman year. Tap Night’s exact date is one of Yale’s best kept secrets(?). Be sure to wear your (red) running shoes!


If you have any questions about Rush, Yale, New Haven, or anything at all, please don’t hesitate to email or text one of our three rush managers!

Christopher Bowman, SY ‘18

(404) 536-1292

Voice Part: Bass

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Favorite Tour Location: South Africa

Dennis Brooker, MC '19

(908) 655-642

Voice Part: Tenor II

Hometown: Bridgewater, NJ

Favorite Tour Location: Indonesia

Nick Massoud, JE '19

(203) 247-2164

Voice Part: Baritone

Hometown: Westport, CT

Favorite Tour Location: Alaska

Yale SGC

The rush process is regulated by the Yale Singing Group Council (SGC). You can go to their website at to check out some of the rules and guidelines for rush 2016. You can also learn more at the SGC meeting on August 29!