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What We Offer


Each year, the Spizzwinks(?) perform over one hundred concerts across  the nation and around the world, including such venues as Carnegie Hall,  the White House, and professional sporting events. At churches, schools, theaters, country  clubs, or corporate events, our vast and varied repertoire  allows us to entertain audiences of all ages and backgrounds, even at  the same time! We can present programs in short sets or sing up to ninety minutes of music, in tails, suits, or casual attire.  With material fit for any crowd, the Spizzwinks’(?) impeccable blend of  musicality, humor, and showmanship is sure to entertain.

Master Classes

As part of our goal of promoting music in  education, we perform throughout the year at schools, and have a proven  track record of encouraging participation in choral and musical  organizations, particularly among male students. In keeping with this goal to further music in education, the Spizzwinks (?) conduct master classes for many of the schools at which we perform. Led by Michael, our music director, master classes can take many forms: teaching the basics of technique through vocal exercises and games, workshopping specific pieces or concepts for more advanced  groups, and answering questions about college life, singing in college, and touring the world.

Upcoming Tours

Northeast Concert Series

Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey
September-May, 2013-2014
Drew O’Donnell


East Coast Concert Series

Maryland, Pennsylvania
January, 2014
Seth Lifland

California and New Zealand

San Francisco, Sacramento; Auckland, Queenstown
March, 2014
Ben Paltiel


Ireland, England, France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany
May, 2014
Drew Robinett and Nick Agar-Johnson
916-456-8565 and 646-753-2421